Wonderking Class balancing?

Well according to a post on the wonderking forums by GM Gogan, they implemented some changes to some skills:

Hey sorry I’m late announcing the winners for last week’s update. But here’s the ones that recommend changes for a skill that was implemented in the Sept 1st update:

Forum Name               Skill
Pentecostalism          Dark Mist
CO2                           Poison Blade
slashanddice                J Slash
skeet                        Reaper’s Call
SnipesXP                    Wild Shot
Ridukle                     Shield Rush
Coral                         Pollen Brust
mdsamiullashariff    Holy Oasis

Thank you all.

Yeah, I know I’m probably late, but being someone who doesn’t like checking the forums, it’s news to me xD, so what exactly did they do to these skills? Is this the start of the balancing?


One Response to Wonderking Class balancing?

  1. dLeet says:

    I’m taking a short break from Wonderking to work on my Maplestory characters

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