Forget the UA

I’m going to quit my Thunder Breaker to remake my Chief Bandit…for the 3rd time -.- let’s hope I can get past 81 this time. My first CB got to 80 but I got some new equips, so I made a whole new CB just for it, now I’m making my 3rd CB, with some of the best equips I’ve ever had yet 😛 I’ll post a screenshot of the equips once he’s able to equip all of them…here’s a screenshot of my previous CB though (It’s my Basil pic):

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So, today I didn’t really do much is Maplestory, in fact I wasn’t even on :\ BUT, on Wonderking I sold some things and now have 7.3m :P, should I use this on a special fan? Or, do they have that event every summer? Most of the day was spent messing around in photoshop, notice the fixed header? xDDD Just in case you weren’t here to see the original here are the pix:



I think I did pretty well 😀 But, of course I could smooth out the letters more :\

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What the!?!?

Well, I haven’t played wonderking for a very long time, 2 months to be exact, so I don’t know very much about wonderking. But, today I tried to kill my first “Scorpion Moro”, it dropped a “Dragon Egg IV” and a couple of materials, good amount of party points, and an equip. I decided to farm it and found that it can drop eggs forever, I always thought that you get one egg and never get another one…oh well.

Not much in Maplestory, just got my cygnus knight mule to 20, then got bored.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I play wonderking and maplestory and will be blogging about my experiences in them and information on updates and such, mostly experiences. 😛

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